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Order cancellation policies

Cancellation of orders that have not been delivered to the customer

A cancellation of an order is considered before the orders that have already been paid for by the customer, but have not been sent to the buyer, are delivered to the customer.

The customer has the possibility to request a cancellation of the order if it has not been sent or invoiced to the customer. To request the cancellation of the order, the client must send an email to operations@dulus.store indicating the reason for the cancellation. Once this return request with the “Cancellation” resolution type is communicated to DULUS + in writing, the return process will begin and the case will be evaluated within a maximum period of 10 days. It will be validated if the reason for which the client requests the cancellation of the order is justified or not together with the seller. As long as the cancellation is made within the period to exercise the right of withdrawal, it will be accepted. When the case evaluation process has been completed, it will be determined whether the cancellation is “ACCEPTED” or “REJECTED” in writing to the client. If applicable, the order will be canceled, informing the seller about the cancellation and DULUS + will request a refund of the order amount. There are items that due to their personal nature and their impossibility of resale to another client, such as engravings, personalized, made to a specific measure at the request of the client, cannot be canceled. In this case, the customer will receive their product and the seller will keep the payment for it. In all other cases, the customer may cancel his order before it is sent and the order will be reimbursed.

Products that do not apply for cancellations

Cancellations of the following products are not accepted, unless it has a factory fault and meets the requirements of this policy, namely:

  • Food and natural products.
  • Books, in case they contain damage, scratches, incomplete pages or any condition other than that under which it was sold and that is considered new.
  • Underwear, girdles, pantyhose, bathing suits or products for personal or intimate use.
  • Breastfeeding and infant feeding products that are for intimate use or that for health reasons are not suitable for resale.
  • Costume jewelery Garments or objects that have an intimate use or that for health reasons are not suitable for resale.
  • Costume jewelery, jewelery and watches that there may be doubt about whether their parts have been tampered with or replaced.
  • USB, memory cards for computers or laptops, immediate copy products such as CDs, DVS, softwares or video games, since their resale may be compromised by having been used and by doing so their safe use in case of resale may be compromised by damage. , viruses or other technological situations.
  • Consumables.
  • Thermometers, since it is a product for intimate use and for health reasons it is not suitable for resale.
  • Sex toys, since it is a product for intimate use and for health reasons it is not suitable for resale.
  • Makeup, creams, cosmetics and perfumes in case the product is not sealed.
  • For personalized products, made to measure, engraved, and others of a similar nature, returns will only be accepted if the product received does not contain or corresponds to the customization that was requested or if the product has defects.

Process of breakdowns, claims and damages produced during shipment

Before the customer accepts and signs a shipment as received, the customer must carefully inspect the products received to make sure that the same (s) function properly and is (are) in the conditions described in the offer of the product. All DULUS + shipments are insured under the conditions described in this policy.

  1. In the case of some products, such as electrical appliances, which have different parts that are sensitive to rough and inappropriate use, despite the fact that their box is intact, it is possible that the product has some internal or external damage. For this reason, it is essential that they are verified by the customer before accepting the shipment. In any case and for any type of product, the customer will have a period of 7 days after delivery, to exercise the right of withdrawal and make the request for change or replacement. During this period and after it inclusive, the customer may exercise the guarantees to which they are entitled in accordance with the guarantee offered by the manufacturer or seller.
  2. If the merchandise suffers damage in the transport and delivery process, the customer must write an email to operations@dulus.store making a request for a return of “REFUND” or one of “REPLACEMENT”, leaving written evidence in the request ( Eg: “Product is damaged”, “Product packaging in poor condition”) and may additionally include supporting photos and evidence.
  3. In the event that the fault is identified at the time of delivery, the customer must write an email to operations@dulus.store making a return request and immediately inform the delivery staff so that they return the product to the warehouse or store originally.
  4. In the event that the fault is identified after the product has been delivered, the customer has the first 7 days after delivery of the product to send a return request, reporting the merchandise as defective and selecting REPLACEMENT or REFUND of said product.


Note: Warranties, exchanges and returns will be invalidated if the customer does not comply with the requirements established in this policy.

For more information, please write to us at operations@dulus.store and we will assist you as soon as possible. You can also call us at +1 (809) 864-5301. We’re here to serve you.

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